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SIDROCO brings a whole range of New Generation Internet of Things (NG-IoT) features and capabilities, for creating, supporting, and managing ultra innovative products and services, by providing efficient, effective, and secure NG-IoT solutions for various heterogeneous environments, including Critical Infrastructures like energy, healthcare, and autonomous driving.
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SIDROCO is a creative SME focusing on Research, Development and Inspiration. SIDROCO designs, develops and implements novel and innovative products, frameworks and tools. Together with these innovative solutions, SIDROCO also supports techno-economic analysis, business models and advanced market analysis using brand reputation tools.


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TERMINET – 2nd Plenary Meeting
The 2nd plenary meeting of the TERMINET ( took place on the 15th - 16th...
CyberSANE Project – 2nd Review Meeting
The 2nd Review Meeting of the Project took place online on the 13th April 2021....
RESPOND-A First Training program and registration
RESPOND-A will organize its first training session on the 10th and 11th of December 2020,...
Effective Protection of Critical Infrastructures against Cyber Threats
Save the date: Thursday, 29 October, 2020 organised a webinar entitled "Effective protection of...
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