Simple. Innovative. SiVi©.

SiVi is a human-interactive visual-based anomaly detection system that is capable of monitoring and promptly detecting several devastating forms of security attacks. The tool’s novelty lies in the development of intuitive visualization graphs capable to offer a quick, reliable, and intuitive overview of the network. In comparison with other tools that offer a simple presentation of the traffic inside the network, SiVi uses pre-trained neural networks that can identify different cyber-attacks.

SiVi© Features

Identify zero-day attacks with SiVi

Energy Sector

Traditional energy technologies are becoming progressively more connected to modern, digital technologies and networks. This increasing digitalisation makes the energy system smarter and enables consumers to better benefit from innovative energy services.

At the same time, digitalisation creates significant risks as an increased exposure to cyberattacks and cybersecurity incidents potentially jeopardises the security of energy supply and the privacy of consumer data. SiVi is designed to protect the smart grid ecosystem even from zero-day attacks by leveraging Machine Learning methodologies.

Transportation Systems Sector

The charging stations that are required to support the market shift towards plug-in electric vehicles  pose problems to service providers, energy suppliers and grid operators since simultaneous charging of large numbers of electric vehicles is not yet supported and numerous cyber threats have emerged creating the need for a holistic overview of the system.

SiVi offers a bird’s-eye view to security administrators exploring both raw electrical data and network traffic. This data-agnostic approach empowers security administrators to get full control of their system in a complex environment.

Healthcare and Public Health Sector

In healthcare systems, the emergence of “online” applications has generated various risks to both patient’s health and their information security. Malicious operations general speaking lies in two major categories, identity thefts and the communication systems.

Security threats are mainly created by unauthorized access, system vulnerabilities, illegitimate activities, etc. These attacks threat the confidentiality, availability, and integrity, of a healthcare service provider’s information asset and thus interrupt patient’s treatment procedure. SiVi provides an innovative solution for the healthcare sector able to detect and mitigate complex attacks.


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